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What You Should Know About the Vape Market in the UK

November 29, 2018

What You Should Know About the Vape Market in the UK

Vaping is such a worldwide phenomenon that many countries are trying to get in on the multi-million dollar market. Countries like India, which are usually strict with social activities and constructs, have bent in order to cash in on the vaping gold mine. The United Kingdom, which is pretty liberal (compared to India), has made a name for themselves in this now-competitive industry. But what do we really know about the vape market in the UK?

Currently, the UK is the second-largest market in the world for vape products.

Vaping is the fastest growing industry in the UK.

Britain is the leader in manufacturing vape gear. Independent small businesses are crushing it in the market.

The vaping industry in the UK has the tobacco industry worried about declining numbers of tobacco smokers.

British American Tobacco - said to be the first tobacco company to launch an e-cigarette in the UK - has the UK medicine license.

Researchers see a benefit to vaping, so vaping regulations are not as strict like they are in the United States.

The Tobacco Products Directive has a set of rules electronic smoking devices that contain nicotine.

The UK Vaping Industry Association supports and promotes the interests of the vaping industry.

The vaping market in the UK has seen significant growth with no signs of slowing down. It is promoted as a bona fide nicotine cessation tool, with numerous consumers in complete agreement.

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