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Three Common Types of Vapers

August 29, 2018

types of vapers

My brother and his friends ride Harley-Davidsons. You can spot a Harley person a mile a way - the leather jacket, the bandana and the shades are all giveaways. My nephew is a into motorbikes. You can tell by his gloves, helmet and bright color chest protector he wears. Both enjoy riding, but both are different types of riders. The same can be said for vapers. Many people vape, but there are different types of vapers. Here are three common types of vapers you may see around.

Hipster Vaper

You’re probably a “hipster vaper” if you’re rocking a summer scarf with a shirt referencing a 70s or 80s icon. You have black, thick-framed glasses and a killer lumberjack goatee. Your favorite device is an open-system mod. You love mixing new concoctions, and every self-blended creation “transcends” the previous in both taste and quality. You speak intellectually, even on topics that don’t really warrant it (chai tea vs. lemongrass wheat tea). You love cardigans.

hipster vaper

Princess Vaper

If you have different mods to match your outfits and purses, you might be a “princess vaper.” For you, it’s not just about the quality of your favorite online e-liquid, but also the presentation. You have devices for days and constant are complimented on your choice of mods. However, since you are focused on looks, numerous closed-system devices make up your repertoire. Appearance means a lot, and you don’t want to be labeled “basic.” It would totally be a crime of fashion, like wearing stripes with polka dots.

princess vaper

Scientific Vaper

The “scientific vaper” is all about the mixture. Every drip and drop has to be precise. You can easily spot this vaper because they has a cornucopia of vape supplies with them. Each e-liquid juice bottle has an exact amount, and their mod has to be at the perfect temperature for them to enjoy their experience. It’s like watching a mad scientist working in a lab, except in this case, the results pay off big time!

scientific vaper

It really doesn’t matter what type of vaper you, all vapers have one thing in common - they enjoy what they do. Vaping can be relaxing as well as a great for of NRT (nicotine replacement therapy). Putting some personality in your vaping takes it to the next level.

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