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May 14, 2018

Vaping is enjoyed by thousands of people worldwide. Everyone has their own method of vaping, and everyone has their own habits when it comes to maintaining their vaping equipment. But just as an added measure, here are some hacks to make your vaping experience a lot more enjoyable without too much hassle.

vape pen


Carry hand sanitizer. Of course, you can apply this hack to everyday life. But for those of you who have spilled premium e-liquid on your hands while refilling your vape pen, you know just how sticky and annoying it can be. Hand sanitizer is a quick fix in a pinch.

Lego Holder

If you have any Legos laying around, they make great holders for various atomisers or clearomisers. They keep your devices upright to prevent leakage, and if they are glass, it is a great way to protect them from being broken or smashed.

vape pen holder hack

Mod Cleaner

You can go out and buy cleaner for your copper mod, or you can save money by using vinegar and lemon juice. It’s simple and effective. Dab a little vinegar or lemon juice on a cloth and gently rub your copper mod. Rinse with cold water and TA-DAAA! it’s as good as new.

Nail Clippers

If you’re building your own coils for your device, investing in a nail clipper is a smart idea. They are inexpensive but effective. They are sharp enough to clip coils without being too cumbersome. Make sure to get the nail clip with the little file. It comes in handy to smooth out the edges.

Wash and Reuse Your Rebuildable Coil

You have built the coil to outdo any coil. It is a work of art. But now, it is getting burnt and filled with gunk. Instead of building a new one, fire up your device until it is glowing red then dip it in running water. Your coil will be cleaned up and ready to be rewicked.

washing vape coil

Fix a Leaky Tank

If your tank is bubbling or spitting at you, don’t fear. This simple hack will remedy the problem. Turn your entire device upside-down and hold the fire button for two to three seconds. Repeat a couple more times. The excess will drip from the drip tip. It will not get rid of the excess already in the airflow base, but it will prevent more from building up there.

These are only a few of many hacks. If you have any of your own, feel free to let us know.

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