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Public Health England: E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Smoking

September 19, 2018

Public Health England: E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit Smoking

A recently released Public Health England study found that vaping has proven to be effective in helping smokers cut down on their toxic chemicals intake or quit smoking altogether. The study is an update of their 2015 review on the public perception of vaping, its effect on those trying to quit smoking, any possible health risks involved and the role nicotine plays.

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The PHE study yielded these findings:

Switching from smoking to vaping benefits you more than continuing to smoke.

E-cigarettes contribute to tens of thousands successful new quits a year.

E-cigarettes directly correlate with a decline in analog cigarette smokers.

Many smokers incorrectly believe that vaping is just as bad as smoking, although many of them have never tried vaping.

Most of the health harms from smoking do not come from nicotine, but the other chemicals within the cigarette.

Vaping is not a gateway into smoking.

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Despite other traditional methods of quitting smoking (the patch, gum, going cold turkey), more and more people are experiencing more success with e-cigarettes. Overall, e-cigarettes are far less dangerous to your health than analog cigarettes. It is a bona fide method of NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) that has helped countless people quit.

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