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Long-term Study: Vaping is Much Safer Than Smoking Cigarettes

August 25, 2017 1 Comment




In a recent long-term study on the effects of vaping on the human body, scientists have concluded that vaping is less harmful than smoking analog cigarettes. Until now, there have been numerous long-term studies on the effects of combustible cigarettes, but this is the first time e-cigarettes have been examined with such scrutiny. The study was funded by Research UK. The data shows that e-cigarette only smokers and former smokers on nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) had significantly lower levels of carcinogens in their bodies than cigarette smokers and smokers who also utilized e-cigarettes and NRT.

According to Lion Shahab, one of the scientists working on the study, long term use of e-cigarettes has significant benefits, especially in relation to cancer. His conclusion came after examining the urine and saliva of nearly 200 participants. He found that the NNAL (a chemical linked to cancer) was 97.5 percent lower in former smokers who vape compared to those who smoked continuously.

Element E-Liquid, in collaboration with Aspire, recently released the  Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Ns20, Element E-Liquid’s award-winning brand of nic-salts (salt-based nicotine). It is the ideal closed system device for cigarette smokers who want to quit, or at least cut down on their nicotine intake. Ns20 contains 20 mg of nicotine, the highest allowable in the UK. Smokers and former smokers still get the nicotine sensation without all of the dirty chemicals found in cigarettes.

Shahab said that cancer is not the only risk associated with smoking cigarettes, and that the next long-term study will be on long-term respiratory and cardiovascular health.


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