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Five Commonly Asked Questions About Vaping

July 20, 2018

Five Commonly Asked Questions About Vaping

Here are five of the most commonly asked questions about vaping we have received. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions of your own.

Question: Do I have to buy a different mod for each different flavor I like?

Answer: No. You do not. If you are using an open system device, you can vape as many different flavors with that device. You can even combine flavors if you so desired. Keep in mind that mixing flavors could change the nicotine strength, if you are not using 0 mg. If you are using a closed system device, you may have to swap out the cartridge when you run out of e-juice.

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Question: I want to start vaping, but I don’t want nicotine in my e-liquid. Is there e-liquid without nicotine?

Answer: Yes. E-liquid comes in various nicotine amounts, including zero nicotine.

Question: I do not have any vape shops too close to me. Is there another way to get your vape products?

Answer: You can order premium e-liquid, mods, and everything vape related online. Element E-Liquid sells premium liquid that can be used in any device.

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Question: How old do I have to be to vape?

Answer: In order to purchase vaping products you have to be the legal age in your state/country to purchase cigarettes and other smoke and nicotine products.

Question: Is vaping safer than smoking combustible cigarettes?

Answer: Many studies have concluded that vaping is safer than smoking because e-liquid does not contain the toxins that are found in cigarettes.

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