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April 16, 2018

Element E-Liquid has done it again. The purveyors of quality e-liquid walked away with two prestigious awards at Vape Jam 4 (U.K.), April 6 – 8 in London, England. The South Florida-based company has been receiving praise and accolades for their lines of premium e-liquid since day one. They have become giants in the vaping industry in just a short amount of time. Their e-liquid is enjoyed worldwide by vape novices and enthusiasts, alike. Element has set groundbreaking records for sales with its Ns20 line of premium nicotine salts in practically every country where it is sold.

vape jam 4

Element’s recent awards at Vape Jam 4 include: Best Menthol (Element E-Liquid Frost Dripper Series)and Best Closed Device System (Aspire Gusto Mini Ns20 Pod System). Element is no stranger to being in the spotlight. Practically every product they have put out has been a huge success; from its FAR line to its premium nicotine salts.

Element continues to go beyond the realm of premium e-liquid sold online. They have become a staple in the vaping community. They are trailblazers who continue to set new standards. When you think of Element, you think of excellence.

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