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Au Revoir France; Hello, Merry England!

October 15, 2017

As Element E-Liquid continues its worldwide tour in France, vapers from all walks of life are blown away by their game-changing product – the Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Element E-Liquid’s Ns20. From South Africa to Sweden, from the United States to the UK, vaping enthusiasts have praised this closed system device and its nic-salts (salt-based nicotine) complement.

france vape show       france vape show       france vape show

By now, most of Europe and the rest of the world have heard of nic-salts, but many still have not had the opportunity to experience it firsthand. This tour, however, is providing the chance for more and more people to get familiar with the brand and open them up to a whole new dimension to vaping.

Although nicotine salts are not exclusive to Element E-Liquid, the company is the first to offer it at the highest allowable quantity in each country sold – *Ns20 (20 mg), Ns27 (27 mg), and Ns47 (47 mg). They will also customize quantities as requested so long as the quantity adheres to that country’s nicotine guidelines. Despite TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) restrictions, vapers have already crowned it the best nic-salts in the UK.

If you still haven’t experienced the Aspire Gusto Mini all-in-one system powered by Ns20, there is still time. Element E-Liquid’s tour will be hitting more cities and countries around the world. Make sure to check them out when they are in your area. Next stops – Indonesia and the UK. And listen to what others have to say about this award-winning line of nic-salts and the Aspire Gusto Mini. Just click on the link below.

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*Ns27 and Ns47 are not available in the EU, but they are available in other countries

Aspire Gusto Mini powered by Ns20 (nic-salts) reviews:

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